Holiday Gift Packages with Gift Admin

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season can be so stressful. What if there was somewhere that had packages that were perfect for all different types of individuals on your list? 

If you are looking for a one-stop shop, look no further than Gift Admin

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones, parents, clients, coworkers, or friends, we have the perfect package for everyone. Check out our top holiday gift packages and start shopping today!

We all love a good night staying tucked in at home. If you have individuals on your list who love a good night in, then these packages will be perfect for them. 

  • The Fancier Things Package is excellent for the cream of the crop on your holiday gift list. It includes everything to spend a night living the high life with a custom cutting board, a high-end knife, and refined gourmet food and snacks.

We say pinkies up for this fancy evening, sweat pants not included, but completely acceptable. 

  • Movie Night Package is excellent for the busy moms or dads in your life. Give them the gift of a quiet night in with popcorn and great activities to stay in during the holiday season. 

We suggest pairing this with Vudu to see all the new releases. Provide individuals on your list with the opportunity to access the latest releases without leaving the comfort of their houses. 

  • Our Sushi Night Package has all the fixings for a sushi night at home. Give the gift of a date night for the holidays. It’s also a way to give your friends the gift of practicing their chopstick skills in the privacy of their own homes. 
  • Check out the Cozy on the Couch Package, which is for anyone who loves to stay at home, get some snacks, and snuggle up on the couch. It includes snacks and a comfy blanket perfect for keeping toes warm on cold winter nights. The snow may be falling, but when you pair this with a crackling fire, it makes the perfect night. 

Whether you are starting your day or ending your day, there is a perfect drink option for both. For all the drink lovers in your life, check out these packages that would be great for holiday gifts. 

  • Fuel for my Day Package is great to warm the hearts of those who like to start the day with a great cup of joe. If they are more of a french press sort of person, this package has the perfect mug and setup for the coffee lover in your life. 
  • We have a package for tea lovers too! Be sure to check out the Tea-Licious Package. This package includes the perfect biscuits and accessories to ensure an excellent tea-time experience.
  • Colorado Mule Package includes all the fixings for the perfect Colorado Mule. All items in this package are sourced right from local businesses in Colorado. We love all of our Colorado-grown partnerships.
  • The Celebration Package includes champagne and fancy flutes. The holidays are full of reasons to celebrate, so this is the perfect gift to give during the most wonderful time of the year. 

If you have to do a late gift exchange, this is also a great gift to celebrate New Year’s Eve. 

What about the adventurer in your life? Well, Gift Admin has gift packages that are also perfect for them. 

  • Nature is My Happy Place Package is perfect for someone who loves the great outdoors. Help them gear up and head out for some fresh air. They might have to wait until spring, but this gift is a great way to get them ready for hiking season. 
  • The Welcome Baby Package is perfect for anyone who has just welcomed a new baby. One of the biggest adventures in life is the journey to becoming a parent. 

This package includes baby essentials that will help get any new parent set up for success with their new little one. It comes with coffee and mugs to keep it hot while spending early mornings or late nights with a new bundle of joy. 

Holiday shopping shouldn’t be a headache, so what better way than to utilize an excellent service like Gift Admin to find something perfect for each person on your list?

We can fit all your needs if you want a more customized package. So why wait? Let us make your Holiday shopping the most magical experience. Contact us today, and happy holidays! 

Top 15 Birthday Gifts for Remote Employees

Birthday gifts for remote employees can be an important way to show appreciation and recognize the hard work of a team member. It is essential for those not in the office on their special day, as it allows them to feel remembered and appreciated from afar.

With a range of thoughtful and creative options, there is something for everyone – no matter how far away they are. From personalized presents to surprise packages, there are many ways to make remote employees feel valued and celebrated on their birthdays. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best gifts for remote employees. Check them out here:

1. A personalized mug – This is an ideal way to show appreciation. A personalized mug is a practical yet thoughtful gift that employees will use for many years.  

Check out sites like Etsy or Zazzle if you want to add some extra personalization. Etsy has a ton of tumblers and cups that you can personalize to your specific employee. Zazzle will allow you to put pictures, logos, and more on a mug for your remote employee.

2. A gift card for their favorite streaming service – This is the perfect present for anyone who loves movies, music, or shows.

Some of the top streaming services that offer gift cards for your convenience are:

  • iTunes/Apple Music gift cards or Spotify premium gift cards. 
  • Hulu Plus or Netflix gift cards
  • Vudu gift cards or Amazon Prime Video 

3. Subscription service or boxes – From beauty products to craft materials, these surprise packages will surely make them smile on their special day.

These are perfect for all the different employees on your team. There are Book of the Month boxes that send new novels and have various options for every book lover in your life. 

Birchbox offers makeup and beauty products monthly, and Cratejoy offers crafts and other hobby packages monthly for the crafter on your team. Either way, there is a subscription box for everyone! 

4. Comfy slippers – Whether they’re working from home or traveling abroad, this will be a much-appreciated treat!

If you are looking for a good selection of comfy slippers to send, then check out companies like Nordstrom that carry a good selection of slippers, including ones from Ugg. Dearfoams also have unique choices with prices that fit everyone’s budget.

5. Gift basket of snacks and treats – Fill it with all their favorite goodies, and it’s sure to be a hit.

Check out these companies that offer lots of snack options:

  • Harry and David – Have birthday-specific and holiday-specific snack packages that are perfect for showing appreciation for the food enthusiast. 
  • Edible Arrangements – Fresh fruit arrangements are delivered directly to your employee’s door. 

6. A gift voucher for their favorite store – Perfect for those who love to shop, this is an ideal present that will give them even more joy on their birthday.

This one is more specific to the employee, but if you know where they like to shop, this is a perfect option to send them for their birthday. 

Who doesn’t like to have the ability to get whatever they want from their favorite shop?

7. Home office accessories or remote workspace upgrade. From stylish organizers to ergonomic chairs or a high-quality ergonomic mouse, these are great items that they can use while working from home.

Another workspace upgrade could be an adjustable desk or a standing desk converter which are simple yet impactful gifts that will help ensure they stay comfortable while working remotely. 

Amazon has some great deals for office upgrades. 

8. A bottle of wine or champagne – The perfect way to toast the occasion and celebrate in style!

There are quite a few companies that do automated gifting to employees. Gift Admin offers celebration gift packages that include glasses and champagne. They also have a wine therapy package and a barrel-aged old-fashioned package, so there is something perfect for everyone on your remote employee list.

9. Flower delivery – Send fresh blooms directly to their doorstep for a special surprise on their birthday.

Many excellent flower delivery services, such as The Bouqs Co. and ProFlowers, are available. These companies offer a wide selection of beautiful and unique bouquets that make for a thoughtful and memorable gift.

10. An online course – Give them a chance to learn something new with an educational subscription service like Udemy or Skillshare! Maybe they have had their eye on a specific conference or training session. Offering them the opportunity may be just the way to show them you care. 

11. A fitness tracker – Perfect for those who like the latest technology and enjoy staying active! There are also lots of outdoor gear and membership options. 

A Membership to REI so that they can research and purchase gear for the great outdoors is a beautiful gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. 

12. An experience box – Make memories with a fun activity delivered right to their doorstep. Here are a couple of suggestions on great packages to send:

  • Movie night gift package – Include popcorn, a comfy blanket, and maybe a card to Vudu for them to check out the latest releases from the comfort of their home. 
  • Sushi night– Include instructions and all they need to create their sushi at home. 
  • Hello Fresh offers an excellent cooking box for the gourmet on your team. 

13. Luxurious spa products – Pamper them and give them some ‘me-time’ on their special day!

Everyone loves a little relaxation, so why not allow your employee to grab a massage, pedicure, manicure, or other services at a place like Spavia? You can go one step further and research local businesses around your employee too! 

14. A desk plant – Bring some life and color to their workspace with a low-maintenance yet eye-catching addition! 

If you have someone who is into having some greenery in their life, you can also include a gift from Lively Root, which specializes in different corporate plant gifts for employees. 

15. An inspirational book – Help them stay motivated and fulfilled with a great read that will encourage growth and learning.

There are a variety of gifts to choose from when it comes to celebrating the special day of a remote employee. From personalized mugs and gift cards to surprise packages and experiences, these thoughtful gifts will show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it will make them feel unique and valued on their birthday. With some planning, you can ensure they have the perfect present to celebrate their special day! Happy gifting!

Walking Through The Process: How Gift Admin’s Automated Platform Works

Are you looking for a way to simplify and streamline the gifting process for your company? Gift Admin’s automated process allows companies to quickly and effortlessly create customized gift packages explicitly tailored to your needs. 

Their innovative platform is designed to make the gifting process more accessible than ever. It enables users to create custom gift boxes without ever leaving the office or dealing with complicated shipping arrangements. Plus, Gift Admin provides detailed analytics to provide insight into customer preferences and usage patterns.

Thanks to this automated process, businesses can efficiently offer high-quality gifts while staying within budget. By using Gift Admin’s automated gifting platform, companies can easily keep track of all their gift-giving activities and ensure that no one is left behind!

Gift Admin can complete the entire gift selection process with just a few clicks of your mouse – no need to waste time searching through catalogs or worrying about order fulfillment. 

1. Start By Creating Your Gift Admin Account

You will require basic information such as your name and contact details to register for an account. Once you have created an account, you can access the Gift Admin platform.

You can choose a custom order, and Gift Admin will contact you to ensure they get you the right gift. They specialize in custom gifts for any occasion, so you can’t go wrong! 

Or you can pick from three different levels of subscriptions: basic, standard, and premium. Each option goes by price per employee per month.

  • Basic: $8.50 Includes one standard gift and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.
  • Standard: $20.00 Includes one premium gift and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.
  • Premium:$36.00 Includes two premium gifts and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.

2. Select Your Contacts to Receive Gifts

After logging in, the next step is to create a list of contacts you would like to send gifts to – this can be done manually or by importing a spreadsheet with contact information. Submit a spreadsheet that includes recipient names, addresses, gift preferences, and your card template.

3. Choose What Type of Gifts You Want to Send

Once your list is complete, it’s time to choose what type of gift or greeting card you’d like to send from the wide range of options available on Gift Admin’s website – from food hampers and wine bottles to bouquets and greeting cards. No more digging through pages of online catalogs or giving generic gifts.

4. Customize Your Gifts

The next step is to customize each gift or card with your personalized message or company logo – you can even use Gift Admin’s design tools to create something from scratch if you wish!

5. Set the Delivery Dates

Once you have selected your gift, it’s time to set the delivery date for each item. You can choose whether Gift Admin will send it immediately or later.

This option is a great way to plan employee or client anniversaries and birthday celebrations. Honestly, the endless possibilities will guarantee you never miss a special moment.

6. Save Your Information for Future Reference

Lastly, Gift Admin securely stores all payment information associated with the gifts and cards you’ve ordered to access them quickly if necessary.

And that’s it! With Gift Admin’s automated platform, sending gifts and unique occasion cards has never been easier. Get started today and make someone special’s day!

The Gift Admin team is always on hand if you need help with the process. We hope you will contact us or call us at (720) 674-0668 for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gifts for New Employees: How to Welcome Them the Right Way


When it comes to new employees, giving them a warm welcome to your company can set the tone for their careers. Let’s go through some things that help to welcome employees to your organization and some possible gifts to show them a little extra appreciation for choosing your company. 

Setting employees up for success when they join the company is so important. Take a look at these steps to start your new employees on a great path with your organization. 

  1. Introduce Them to the Team

Show them around the office, introduce them to their co-workers, and ensure they feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

  • Set up a welcome lunch or happy hour at the employee’s favorite restaurant. It is an excellent way for the team to meet and welcome them. 
  • If that’s not possible, then give a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. It is nice to let them know that you care about their interests.
  1. Help Them Get Acclimated to the Company’s Culture

Share your company values, vision, and mission with them so they understand what makes your business tick. 

  • You have an excellent opportunity to give a book on the company’s history or an insider’s guide to the industry. It’s a thoughtful way to help them learn more about their new workplace.
  • A magazine or online service subscription related to the company’s industry is also a fantastic resource. Something like this can help them jump in with both feet and get up to speed quickly. 
  1. Give Them a Chance to Ask Questions

Encourage an open line of communication, so your new employee feels comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns.

  • If you get to know your employees, you can relate to them and find the best ways to engage with them. This opportunity also allows you to connect them with others in your company with similar interests. 
  • If your new employee is into movies, a voucher for a free night at the movies would be a great welcome present or a movie night gift package
  • They may be into sports, so tickets to the local sports team may be a great way to say welcome. 
  1. Set Them Up for Success

Help them understand what is expected of them in their new role and provide them with the necessary resources to excel.

  • Doing this is an excellent opportunity to put a welcome basket together. Make sure to include valuable items they’ll need for their new job, like a stapler, pens, paperclips, and notepads. 
  • You can also have a personalized nameplate for your employee’s desk or customized company gear. These little touches are always appreciated. It also allows your new employee a way to show their corporate pride.
    • Do your research and look into the companies that offer deals on unique custom gear. 

Once you’ve got them onboarded, if you want to make a new employee feel appreciated, then consider throwing in one of these additional thoughtful gifts: 

  • Include a personalized coffee mug or water bottle they can use daily and will think of you whenever they use it. Include some tea or coffee to help add an extra little touch to this gift. 
  • If you know your employees are into staying healthy, then include a basket of snacks and heart-healthy drinks as a great way to welcome them. Or if they love hiking, a State park pass would be great for them. 
  • Maybe your employee enjoys staying in for the night. There are many opportunities to get them gift packages for a sushi night in, or this is an excellent opportunity to offer some Doordash as they settle in.  
  • Give a gift certificate for a day of pampering, such as a massage or manicure. This type of gift is a great way to help your new employees feel relaxed and a great little way to say thanks for selecting your company.

There are thousands of gifts that are suitable for welcoming a new employee. Hopefully, this list provided some unique ideas for you to use as you walk through onboarding. 

Just remember to choose something that is thoughtful and will be appreciated, and you can’t go wrong. We hope this has helped you to make a great first impression on all new employees. 

Unique Gifts for Colorado Employees

The buildings and architecture of Denver Colorado at dusk

Do you have employees or clients in Colorado? If so, you may be looking for the perfect gift to show them your appreciation. Colorado is home to a thriving business community. Sourcing goods and services from Colorado businesses is an excellent way for companies in the state to support all the fantastic local offerings and give their Colorado employees a little taste of home. 

Items that Include Colorado Map: 

  • Mugs or Travel Cups with an Image of the State: Add some Celestial Seasonings, which started in Boulder, Colorado, for an extra Colorado-grown addition.
  • Hand-Poured Candles in Scents Unique to Colorado: Dio Candles is a Colorado-based company specializing in hand-poured candles, and they let the state’s natural beauty inspire their scents. 
  • Colorado Apparel and Footwear: A t-shirt or sweatshirt representing Colorado is a great gift. You can go one step further and give the gift of Crocs, founded in 2002 in Niwot, Colorado. 
  • Laser-Etched Items Featuring an Image of Colorado: Wine glasses, snow globes, and crystal paperweights show off the beauty of the Mile High City. 
  • A Framed Map of Colorado or a Wood-Burned Map: Giftadmin offers a wood-burned cutting board from a local company and gourmet food. Perfect to put on display in any Colorado native’s house. 

Need a gift for the foodie in your life? Well, there are many options for some unique Colorado snacks. 

Locally Sourced Colorado Snacks:

  • Local Honey: Made in Colorado, this delicious honey is the perfect gift for any foodie friend.
  • Fruit Butters and Jams: Made with fresh fruits from local farmers’ markets, butter and jam are colorful and delicious presents that your friends will love. Palisade peaches are well-known for being unique to the Colorado landscape and unbeatable in flavor. 
  • Artisan Chocolates: These delectable treats are the perfect gift for any chocolate lover, made by local chocolatiers like The Chocolate Therapist. They offer unique flavors like green chili and lavender.
  • Craft Beer: Colorado is famous for its craft beer scene, and many microbreweries offer seasonal or limited-release brews that make beautiful gifts. Coors Brewing was started in Golden, Colorado, and is one of the biggest names for beer. 

Colorado has quite a few unique offerings if you want to give the gift of an experience.

Colorado Holiday Experiences:

  • Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride through Downtown Denver
  • Family-friendly Excursions: Denver Zoo Lights or Boo at the Zoo, a trip to Santa’s Workshop, or the North Pole in Colorado Springs are family favorites. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo also does an Electric Safari that is unbeatable!
  • Tickets to the Denver Botanical Gardens, Glow at the Gardens, or Blossoms of Lights
  • ​​International Snow Sculpture Championships: Dillon, Colorado, has had ice castles built during the snowy months. If you want to give the gift of a unique experience, this is a great option, as they change yearly. 

Honestly, nothing is better for Colorado-based employees than being given time off to appreciate their great state. 

Great Outdoors Gifts:

  • A Weekend Away: The Glenwood Hot Springs, Hot Sulphur Springs, and Great Pagosa Springs are all great local options for a weekend getaway.
  • Outdoor Adventure Tour Tickets: Scenic train rides like the Georgetown Loop train run to Santa’s North Pole Adventure or to tour Santa’s Lighted Forest.
  • Guided Nature Excursions: For hikers, rafters, and rock climbers, you can get an outdoorsy kit for the outdoor enthusiast in your life from Giftadmin
  • Hiking gear: A “Nature is my Happy Place” package and some local beef jerky. Let the adventuring begin!

Giving gifts to Colorado-based employees can be a great way to express your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple or extravagant and elaborate, there are many great Colorado options.

Holiday Gifts Ideas for Remote Employees

As a company, thinking about and providing gifts for your remote employees is a great way to show that you care. It not only shows that you are thinking of them during the holidays, but you’re also acknowledging their hard work.

Here are some ideas for gifts that you can give to your remote employees:

1. Gift Cards To Their Favorite Places

Amazon gift cards are versatile gifts that your remote employee can use to purchase anything they want from the online retailer. It is a one-stop shop for all your gift needs, and its gift cards are no exception. You set your monetary amount for the gift card, and the employee can purchase whatever they want. While Amazon is an excellent option for employees, you can also choose to personalize the gift card to your employee’s interests and likes. Doing this shows that you are putting extra effort into knowing who they are. Some great examples are gift cards to their favorite restaurant, book store, video game shop, or anything that aligns with their interests. Being thoughtful is a great way to show employees that you care about the holidays, especially when tensions can run high. 

2. Personalized Holiday Cards

If you want to show your remote employees that you care about them during the holidays, consider sending out holiday cards with a personal message attached. Even a small thank you to each employee for recognizing something they did throughout the year for the business can make an employee feel cared about when working virtually. You could even create a company holiday card with pictures of various employee highlights from the year. It’s a great way to send just a little personal touch for the holiday season and show off your sense of company spirit. 

3. Home-Cooked or Delivered Meal Service

If you have a remote employee who lives near you, why not cook them a home-cooked meal or have a meal delivered to them for the holidays? Meal services are a great way to show appreciation for all their hard work and to let them know that you’re thinking of them. There are quite a few services to check out that can help with this, such as DoorDash and Uber eats. Plus, they may not always have time to cook a meal themselves, so this is a nice gesture.

4. Personalized Gift

A personalized gift is a great way to show your remote employee that you went to find something special just for them. You can choose something like a mug with their name on it or a custom-made necklace, for example. Anything personalized will be sure to make your employee feel special and appreciated. There are quite a few gift sites that have opportunities to personalize different cups, notebooks, pens, and many other items that an employee might enjoy. Etsy is a vast market for getting highly customized items while also supporting small businesses during the holidays. 

5. Gift Basket or Package

A gift basket is another great option for a remote employee! These can include anything from snacks and drinks to beauty products and toiletries. Many websites have made the gift basket a more sophisticated and personalized gift. Sites like Giftadmin offer different customized packages for each employee. They have everything from liquor and wine packages to tea enthusiast gift baskets. It’s an excellent opportunity to give your employee a chance to choose something they will enjoy and use, making it a practical and thoughtful gift.

6. Subscription Box Service

A subscription box service is a fun and unique gift idea for your remote employee. There are many different box services available, so you can find one that fits their interests perfectly. Some popular options include food boxes, wine clubs, and even dog subscription boxes! Your employee will love getting mail every month (or week) with new surprises.

We hope this quick list of holiday gifts gave you ideas on what to send to virtual employees to show your appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. These gifts will make your virtual employees feel special, from heartfelt messages to festive treats.