Company Gifts That Workers Hate

Gift-giving is a great way to show your employees that you appreciate them during the year. However, there are some gifts that workers hate receiving from their company. Check out this list we collected from employees that will help you avoid gift-giving pitfalls.

1. Logo Printed Company Gear

When employees receive a gift with the company’s logo, it feels like the company is trying to advertise to them. Company logo coffee cups, water bottles, t-shirts, jackets, backpacks, the list goes on and on. They already work for the company, so they don’t need any more advertising. 

Plus, branding everything makes the gift feel less personal. Most employees know these branded items are bought in bulk and distributed in mass distribution. Do you want your gift-giving to feel more personal? Start by thinking about what your employee wants or needs. 

2. Generic Gift Cards to Stores

Gift cards to a generic Starbucks or Target can feel impersonal. They don’t show that you took the time to choose a gift specifically for the employee. What does the employee enjoy? Do they even drink coffee? Maybe they prefer a local mom-and-pop shop. These are all things you consider before going down the gift card path. 

Conversely, choosing a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store is much more likely to be appreciated. It shows you took the time to remember something that mattered to that employee. Do they have a favorite pastime? Maybe they are avid ax-thrower. There’s something out there for everyone. 

3. A Generic Plaque or Certificate 

A plaque or certificate can be a professional way of thanking someone for their hard work. Unfortunately, these are not always very practical and can quickly be forgotten about and not put on display. Some employees might even dislike having that sort of spotlight on them. If you want something to recognize an employee’s hard work and dedication, why not pick something that matters to them?

If you know that your employee is into the outdoors, a membership to an outdoorsy gift package would be just the thing. Or, if your employee is really into trying the latest and greatest cuisine, a foodie gift package or membership to a cheese of the month club is the right way to go. There are lots of options online for this kind of thing. Giftadmin offers some unique, customizable gifts for employees if you’re looking for some unique ideas. 

Either way, these gifts show that you took a moment to recognize the individual and reward them with something they love as an actual thank you for their hard work. If you want to throw a certificate or plaque in there, we are sure they wouldn’t mind, but personalizing the gift should be a top priority!  

4. Something That Feels Cheap

You don’t want your employee’s gift to feel like an afterthought. It sends the message that you didn’t put much thought into choosing a gift. 

Pens and promotional office materials should be used for onboarding a new employee, not to recognize a significant accomplishment for a team member. A little thought goes a long way. 

5. Anything Too Personal or Intimate.

Some employees may not feel comfortable receiving a gift that is too personal or intimate from their company. It’s always a good idea to check and set boundaries on your approach to gift-giving with your employees. 

We hope you found our list of the worst gifts to give your employees helpful. Of course, this is all in good fun – the best way to find out what your employees want is to ask them directly! And, when in doubt, a personalized gift is always a safe bet. Happy Gifting!