Top 15 Birthday Gifts for Remote Employees

Birthday gifts for remote employees can be an important way to show appreciation and recognize the hard work of a team member. It is essential for those not in the office on their special day, as it allows them to feel remembered and appreciated from afar.

With a range of thoughtful and creative options, there is something for everyone – no matter how far away they are. From personalized presents to surprise packages, there are many ways to make remote employees feel valued and celebrated on their birthdays. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best gifts for remote employees. Check them out here:

1. A personalized mug – This is an ideal way to show appreciation. A personalized mug is a practical yet thoughtful gift that employees will use for many years.  

Check out sites like Etsy or Zazzle if you want to add some extra personalization. Etsy has a ton of tumblers and cups that you can personalize to your specific employee. Zazzle will allow you to put pictures, logos, and more on a mug for your remote employee.

2. A gift card for their favorite streaming service – This is the perfect present for anyone who loves movies, music, or shows.

Some of the top streaming services that offer gift cards for your convenience are:

  • iTunes/Apple Music gift cards or Spotify premium gift cards. 
  • Hulu Plus or Netflix gift cards
  • Vudu gift cards or Amazon Prime Video 

3. Subscription service or boxes – From beauty products to craft materials, these surprise packages will surely make them smile on their special day.

These are perfect for all the different employees on your team. There are Book of the Month boxes that send new novels and have various options for every book lover in your life. 

Birchbox offers makeup and beauty products monthly, and Cratejoy offers crafts and other hobby packages monthly for the crafter on your team. Either way, there is a subscription box for everyone! 

4. Comfy slippers – Whether they’re working from home or traveling abroad, this will be a much-appreciated treat!

If you are looking for a good selection of comfy slippers to send, then check out companies like Nordstrom that carry a good selection of slippers, including ones from Ugg. Dearfoams also have unique choices with prices that fit everyone’s budget.

5. Gift basket of snacks and treats – Fill it with all their favorite goodies, and it’s sure to be a hit.

Check out these companies that offer lots of snack options:

  • Harry and David – Have birthday-specific and holiday-specific snack packages that are perfect for showing appreciation for the food enthusiast. 
  • Edible Arrangements – Fresh fruit arrangements are delivered directly to your employee’s door. 

6. A gift voucher for their favorite store – Perfect for those who love to shop, this is an ideal present that will give them even more joy on their birthday.

This one is more specific to the employee, but if you know where they like to shop, this is a perfect option to send them for their birthday. 

Who doesn’t like to have the ability to get whatever they want from their favorite shop?

7. Home office accessories or remote workspace upgrade. From stylish organizers to ergonomic chairs or a high-quality ergonomic mouse, these are great items that they can use while working from home.

Another workspace upgrade could be an adjustable desk or a standing desk converter which are simple yet impactful gifts that will help ensure they stay comfortable while working remotely. 

Amazon has some great deals for office upgrades. 

8. A bottle of wine or champagne – The perfect way to toast the occasion and celebrate in style!

There are quite a few companies that do automated gifting to employees. Gift Admin offers celebration gift packages that include glasses and champagne. They also have a wine therapy package and a barrel-aged old-fashioned package, so there is something perfect for everyone on your remote employee list.

9. Flower delivery – Send fresh blooms directly to their doorstep for a special surprise on their birthday.

Many excellent flower delivery services, such as The Bouqs Co. and ProFlowers, are available. These companies offer a wide selection of beautiful and unique bouquets that make for a thoughtful and memorable gift.

10. An online course – Give them a chance to learn something new with an educational subscription service like Udemy or Skillshare! Maybe they have had their eye on a specific conference or training session. Offering them the opportunity may be just the way to show them you care. 

11. A fitness tracker – Perfect for those who like the latest technology and enjoy staying active! There are also lots of outdoor gear and membership options. 

A Membership to REI so that they can research and purchase gear for the great outdoors is a beautiful gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. 

12. An experience box – Make memories with a fun activity delivered right to their doorstep. Here are a couple of suggestions on great packages to send:

  • Movie night gift package – Include popcorn, a comfy blanket, and maybe a card to Vudu for them to check out the latest releases from the comfort of their home. 
  • Sushi night– Include instructions and all they need to create their sushi at home. 
  • Hello Fresh offers an excellent cooking box for the gourmet on your team. 

13. Luxurious spa products – Pamper them and give them some ‘me-time’ on their special day!

Everyone loves a little relaxation, so why not allow your employee to grab a massage, pedicure, manicure, or other services at a place like Spavia? You can go one step further and research local businesses around your employee too! 

14. A desk plant – Bring some life and color to their workspace with a low-maintenance yet eye-catching addition! 

If you have someone who is into having some greenery in their life, you can also include a gift from Lively Root, which specializes in different corporate plant gifts for employees. 

15. An inspirational book – Help them stay motivated and fulfilled with a great read that will encourage growth and learning.

There are a variety of gifts to choose from when it comes to celebrating the special day of a remote employee. From personalized mugs and gift cards to surprise packages and experiences, these thoughtful gifts will show them how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it will make them feel unique and valued on their birthday. With some planning, you can ensure they have the perfect present to celebrate their special day! Happy gifting!