Walking Through The Process: How Gift Admin’s Automated Platform Works

Are you looking for a way to simplify and streamline the gifting process for your company? Gift Admin’s automated process allows companies to quickly and effortlessly create customized gift packages explicitly tailored to your needs. 

Their innovative platform is designed to make the gifting process more accessible than ever. It enables users to create custom gift boxes without ever leaving the office or dealing with complicated shipping arrangements. Plus, Gift Admin provides detailed analytics to provide insight into customer preferences and usage patterns.

Thanks to this automated process, businesses can efficiently offer high-quality gifts while staying within budget. By using Gift Admin’s automated gifting platform, companies can easily keep track of all their gift-giving activities and ensure that no one is left behind!

Gift Admin can complete the entire gift selection process with just a few clicks of your mouse – no need to waste time searching through catalogs or worrying about order fulfillment. 

1. Start By Creating Your Gift Admin Account

You will require basic information such as your name and contact details to register for an account. Once you have created an account, you can access the Gift Admin platform.

You can choose a custom order, and Gift Admin will contact you to ensure they get you the right gift. They specialize in custom gifts for any occasion, so you can’t go wrong! 

Or you can pick from three different levels of subscriptions: basic, standard, and premium. Each option goes by price per employee per month.

  • Basic: $8.50 Includes one standard gift and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.
  • Standard: $20.00 Includes one premium gift and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.
  • Premium:$36.00 Includes two premium gifts and discounts on additional one-off package purchases.

2. Select Your Contacts to Receive Gifts

After logging in, the next step is to create a list of contacts you would like to send gifts to – this can be done manually or by importing a spreadsheet with contact information. Submit a spreadsheet that includes recipient names, addresses, gift preferences, and your card template.

3. Choose What Type of Gifts You Want to Send

Once your list is complete, it’s time to choose what type of gift or greeting card you’d like to send from the wide range of options available on Gift Admin’s website – from food hampers and wine bottles to bouquets and greeting cards. No more digging through pages of online catalogs or giving generic gifts.

4. Customize Your Gifts

The next step is to customize each gift or card with your personalized message or company logo – you can even use Gift Admin’s design tools to create something from scratch if you wish!

5. Set the Delivery Dates

Once you have selected your gift, it’s time to set the delivery date for each item. You can choose whether Gift Admin will send it immediately or later.

This option is a great way to plan employee or client anniversaries and birthday celebrations. Honestly, the endless possibilities will guarantee you never miss a special moment.

6. Save Your Information for Future Reference

Lastly, Gift Admin securely stores all payment information associated with the gifts and cards you’ve ordered to access them quickly if necessary.

And that’s it! With Gift Admin’s automated platform, sending gifts and unique occasion cards has never been easier. Get started today and make someone special’s day!

The Gift Admin team is always on hand if you need help with the process. We hope you will contact us or call us at (720) 674-0668 for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you soon!